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My Ethics Statement

Honesty and integrity are the most important part of my brand. My promise to you is to never betray that for money, fame or anything else. Below are the principles I live by.


I will never lie or hide the truth. To the best of my ability I will always pursue the truth at all costs. Honesty is my brand and I will never sacrifice that. not for a paycheck or an extra subscriber.


I will always share any conflict of interest with you. While my promise is to never recommend a product just for the money I will still let you know if I get a kick back for any purchases you make


I will never act like an expert on something I am not. I strive to only share information based on my experience and research. I go the extra mile to make sure the products I recommend actually work.

My Commitment to you

The reason I started a YouTube channel to begin with was two-fold. 

Number one: I wanted to create a community around health, wellness, and self-experimentation. To connect with like-minded individuals in pursuit of better health like myself. And number two: I was tired of all the gimmicks. 

When I first started biohacking, I wasted both time and money on expensive products that simply didn’t work. And for me, health tech isn’t about trendiness, it’s about effectiveness. So I started doing research. I poured myself into the data and analytics side of things to really decipher between the game-changers versus the snake oil.

I have a background in journalism and so it’s in my nature to always seek the truth and tell the whole story. I always share the pros and cons of each product I review because I believe in transparency. And if I don’t believe that a product is worth your time or money, I will be forthright about it, no matter the social consequences. Life is too short to bullsh** people and I come from a background where my family didn’t have a lot of money to spend on these types of gadgets and tools growing up. So when it comes to product recommendations, I stand firm on my commitment to practice what I preach….to only share the things I actually use and love….and to always provide you with data and facts so that YOU feel empowered to make your own decision.

Katie Moore

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