Katie Type A

Viome Microbiome Test

I'm on my third round of Viome results and can't recommend this product enough! In a nutshell, Viome is a gut intelligence test. You have trillions of bacteria strains in your gut (or microbiome) — some good, some not so good. And so what Viome does is paint you a picture of what’s happening in there. Do you have enough good gut bacteria to keep healthy? Are there certain foods that your gut can’t digest properly? And so on.

The way it works is simple. You order the kit online. Take a stool sample (don’t worry, they make it super easy and it’s not as gross as it sounds). Ship it back. Fill out a 20-min questionnaire online — and then wait 3-4 weeks for your results. Unlike most tests that sequence DNA, Viome instead using RNA from live microorganisms…and they also use machine learning (or AI) to analyze your data and provide food recommendations.