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Newsletter Two


Ice Barrel • Next Sleep Video • Weekly Sleep Report • Ketamine Episode • Unfiltered Thoughts // Circular Ring

What's covered in this video

What I'm Testing This Week

I just got the Ice Barrel for cold plunging — and well, this is going to be an interesting experiment since we live in a one-bedroom apt on the top floor — without a garden hose or place to drain it (aside from the kitchen sink).

So I’ve got my work cut out for me with this one, including how the hell we’re gonna keep this thing cold for more than a day in our 80-degree apt.

Upcoming Video

I’m finishing up my review on the new Wesper sleep patches – and how they work when it comes to diagnosing and helping offer solutions for sleep apnea.

I have my sleep consultation this week, and not gonna lie…I’m a little concerned about my breathing quality results. So stay tuned for that review next week.


Weekly Sleep Report

My sleep was sub-par this week.

According to the Whoop, I got a 64% on sleep performance, 55% on recovery, and averaged around 7 hours in bed each night.

With Oura, my avg sleep score for the last week was 80 and my readiness was a 79. So key takeaway here: PRIORITIZE recovery this week.

What I'm Consuming

Tim Ferris has a new FOUR HOUR podcast — all about ketamine.

That being said, I have no plans to do it anytime soon, but I’m definitely curious about its long term effects on the brain since it’s been traditionally used as an anesthesia and does have hallucinogenic effects.

So that’s what this episode with Dr. Krystal covers — check it out here.

Unfiltered Thoughts: Circular Ring

I was shocked by just how low-quality and unfinished a product the Circular Ring turned out to be.

It looks like a beta product, it feels like a beta product, and yet they’re charging around the same price as Oura (minus the subscription fee). So I would not recommend anyone buy this ring at the state it’s in right now.

congrats Giveaway Winners!

Congrats to the giveaway winners from last week – Arnie, Allen, Ramsey and Stephen!

It was great to connect with you all and thanks again to everyone who participated – more giveaways to come!

And I can't wait to catch you on... The next one!

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